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Umpire Seminars

*NEW* Seminar Dates For 2017

The TRUC have identified 2 dates for the 2017 seminars:-

  • Tuesday 4th April 19.30  [London  RC]
  • Thursday 20th April 19.30  [City of Oxford RC] 

If you have any suggestions for agenda items, please pass them to Dave Hancock or any member of TRUC.

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TRUC Committee

The TRUC consists of:


  • Dave Hancock

Deputy Chair

  • Claire McIntosh


  • John Robson

Other members of TRUC

  • Alison Faiers 
  • Elaine Green
  • Luke Howells
  • Jeremy Hudson
  • Peter Knowles
  • Quentin Knowlson
  • Jerry Mitchell
  • Gary Painter
  • Roy Prosser
  • Harry Salmon 
  • Mel Sage

Umpiring in the Thames Region

*NEW* 2017 Thames Region Umpire Seminars

Every year, the TRUC puts on seminars for the region's umpires to find out about changes to the rules of racing and discuss points of interest or concern. The 2017 Umpire Seminars are scheduled to be held on the following dates:

  • Tuesday 4th April 19:30  [London RC] 
  • Thursday 20th April 19.30  [City of Oxford RC]

If you have any suggestions or agenda items, please pass them to Dave Hancock or any member of TRUC.

Umpires are reminded that they are required to attend a minimum of one seminar every three years.

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TRRC History

Our TRRC History page covers the organisation of rowing in the Thames valley since the 1800s, how the TARC came into being and when it became the TRRC.

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TRRC Structure

Information on how the TRRC works, including our forward plan, Executive Committee members, and a who's-who in the current Sports Committee line-up.

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