TRRC History

The Thames Regional Rowing Council (TRRC) started off life in 1903 as the Thames Amateur  Rowing Council, which came into exisitance to "promote the success of amateur rowing regattas on the river Thames by arranging dates and suggesting regulations therefor"

The idea for setting up a body responsible for arranging regattas in the region was first mooted around 1899 after complaints that the organisers of Henley Regatta were refusing to move their event to a more accomodating date in the season.

Whilst the TARC never did manage to get Henley to obligue,  the member clubs (who paid a small annual subscription) met annually at the Annual General Meeting with a list of available Saturdays (no rowing on a Sunday then) for the coming season, and voted on which event should take place on which date.

The meeting also considered other suggestions about events, such as the attached letter, written in 1934 by Mr J Fairbairn on "maintaining and improving racing in the Henley regatta VIII & IV oared events"