PLA Safety Advisory


Following on from an Incident on the Tideway which resulted in a fatality the Thames Regional Rowing Council have been asked by the Port of London Authority to re-iterate the following, which apply to all Clubs in the region.

  1. The compulsory wearing of kill cords by all drivers of launches.
  2. The wearing of a properly serviced life jackets by Coaches and Coxes and they are properly trained on how to wear and check such jackets. The use of an automatic inflation jacket is preferred unless coxing a bow coxed four.
  3. If outings take place at night, it is strongly recommended that all life jackets be fitted with a lifejacket water activated flashing light.
  4. All Clubs should ensure that their outboard engines are properly serviced and most importantly checked to ensure they cannot start in gear and are working properly and that they are serviced to such levels regularly.
  5. The Regional Council at its recent meeting confirmed the request from the Port of London Authority that Clubs MUST ensure the restriction of lone use of both coaching launches and rowing boats at night. 

Martin Humphrys JP

Chairman TRRC


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