The Role of the Thames Regional Umpiring Committee

  1. To identify potential umpire candidates typically from amongst the ranks of active and retired rowers.
  2. To prepare theoretical and practical training programmes for Trainee umpires. Note that within the region we have the Tideway, non-tidal stretches of the Thames and two multilane courses.
  3. To oversee the training of umpires and to examine them. To recommend successful candidates for umpires licenses
  4. To appoint Committee members to attend regattas and head races to assess the performance of umpires and to check various aspects of these events, in particular the safety regimes as they affect competitors and umpires. To consider these events also in the context of fairness to competitors and of whether they permit umpires to perform their duties satisfactorily and where necessary to report on any of these matters to the Regional Council.
  5. To discuss with regatta secretaries, where appropriate, matters of concern in these areas.
  6. To provide continuing training for umpires in the form of annual seminars at which rule changes and other matters of common interest are discussed by the commissions members and umpires.
  7. To recommend to the Multi-lane Panel appropriately qualified umpires in the region for multi-lane training.
  8. To liaise, where appropriate, with the Regional Safety Adviser on matters of safety.
  9. To present, where appropriate, the interests and concerns of umpires to the Regional Council and British Rowing.


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