Umpire Offer FAQs

What happens when I submit my claim?

The Chairman of the Thames Regional Umpires Committee (TRUC) will confirm with the Regional Treasurer that the application is indeed from an active umpire registered with the Thames Region and the Regional Treasurer reserves the right to verify a sample of event attendance claims. Within 1 month of receipt of application, the Chairman of the Regional Umpires Committee will either approve the application and forward to the TRRC Treasurer for payment (cheque for £60 by post to the address given on the claim form, or in person) or reject the application detailing the reasons for rejection. The Chairman of the Regional Umpires Committee may use their discretion on any particular cases subject to consultation with the TRRC Chairman. The TRRC Chairman’s decision is final.

How long will this offer last?

The intention is that this will be a permanent offer but the TRRC reserves the right to review this initiative on an annual basis.

I claimed for an ARA waterproof, can I now claim for a BR one?

Yes.  We are only allowing one claim per umpire from this offer, but the clock is being reset from Jan 2012 to encourage Thames region umpires to buy the jacket with the BR logo on.

Do I have to wait until I have completed 15 events before purchasing a NewWave jacket?

No, you can purchase your jacket at any time. The only limitation is that you submit your claim with completed Umpires Log within three years of your jacket purchase. If you are active in the Thames Region, you should have no problem in taking up this offer during 2012 and being in a position to claim by the end of 2013 at the latest.

I already have a set of waterproofs, is this jacket mandatory?

No, these jackets are not mandatory. This initiative has come about since a number of umpires over the years have thought it would be a good idea to have a standardised set of waterproofs that are available at a reasonable price.

I offered to assist at a regatta but in the end I was not needed. Can I still count this?

No. You have to actually attend and officiate, not just have offered to be available.

I was due to officiate at an event but it was cancelled; can I count this?

Sorry, no. Events that are cancelled don’t count.

I am a qualified Umpire but I was working as a marshal / launch driver / organising committee member rather than an umpire. Do these count?

Yes, provided that you have officiated in such capacity at the event for at least 4 hours per day.

I have officiated at internal club events and matches, do these count?

No, only British Rowing registered Heads and Regattas that take place in the Thames Region qualify.

I am registered with another region but help at a number of Thames Region events, can I still claim?

Thank you for your continued support to Thames Region events. We would however suggest that you lobby your own regional council to see if they would be willing to support you in the same manner as the Thames Region. The TRRC is funding this initiative from its limited allowances received from British Rowing.

I didn't know you were starting this scheme and have just bought a new jacket from another supplier, can I claim a refund for my existing jacket?

No, sorry. This offer only applies to the NewWave Umpiring jacket.

I'd like to do more events but I don’t get invited, so I'm at a disadvantage.

If you want to do more events, get in touch with the events you are interested in directly or let the TRUC - Rod Murray / John Robson know; many events are still short of umpires in our region!


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